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My name is Hannah, and I am a devoted yuri shipper. I don't have anything against yaoi or het per se, but I have been harassed by their fans so much in the past that I can't help but have sour expectations of them. I also can't stand hypocrites and bashers who insist on trashing female characters while praising males with exactly the same faults. And don't even get me started on the immature fanboys I have to share my side of fandom with.

Why yes, I am bitter. Can you honestly blame me, though?

[Not a real journal - sockpuppet for the War Comms!]

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alternative pairings, alyssia, angst, anime, anti-dickgirls, anti-fanbrats, anti-idiocy, anti-lolicon, anti-mako, being a girly lesbian, being a neat freak, being a sane feminist, being a tsundere, being bitter, being cynical, being dignified, being easily stressed, being grouchy, being occasionally hypocritical, being paranoid, being serious, best friends as lovers, calming music, canon nazis suck, caring for characterisation, cleaning, complaining, cringing at lucy, defending female characters, enya, esmeralda is a bitch, fear of penis, feeling resentful, femmeslash, finding comprimises with canon, flowers, fluff, frustration at fandom, gardens, girls' love, gordon is disgusting, guilty pleasures, hating immature fanboys, hating the haters, holding grudges, housework, hurt/comfort, intelligent discussion, keeping sue in check, lilies, manga, missy's corrupting my fandom, not dilps, not gary-stus, not getting flamed, not mary-sues, not mittens, not muddy footprints, not overrated asshole bishounen, not unfair criticism, not used condoms, panic attacks, parks, patrick is terrifying, persecution complex, ponds, reading, rod is revolting, romance, seeing myself in molly, shoujo-ai, snapping at idiots, strong women, subtext, sweet girls, sympathising with julia, taking things too seriously, tasteful smut, tragedy, trisha's an idiot, typing properly, video games, writing, yuri
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